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Cake Showcase Freezer
Cake Showcase Freezer
Cake Showcase Freezer
Cake Showcase Freezer
Cake Showcase Freezer

Cake Showcase Freezer

A cake cabinet or cake room freezer is a refrigerated and fresh-keeping cabinet used to display cakes.

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A cake cabinet or cake room freezer is a refrigerated and fresh-keeping cabinet used to display cakes. There are two types: direct cooling and air cooling, usually made of stainless steel and marble, commonly used in cake shops, food stores, and other stores, with a wide range of uses.

Introduction to use and performance

The back panel of the cake cabinet placed against the wall is an opaque board that can be made into a front sliding door. Customers can choose from the same color as the appearance of the cabinet, white, stainless steel, or mirror finish. The top can be equipped with a light box, and the cabinet lights can be either fluorescent or spotlights. The top is equipped with a light box. The height, width, and length can be adjusted according to usage. A square display cabinet is generally made of transparent glass on all sides, suitable for displaying small items such as cakes, vegetables, beverages, beer, etc. It can also be used to display larger items such as gifts, handicrafts, electronic products, edible items, tobacco and alcohol.

Electric series product features

1. Fully and reasonably utilize unique spaces.

2. Made of tempered glass and superior materials.

3. Complete practical functions such as preserving cakes, displaying cakes, refrigerated cakes, and more.

4. The appearance is beautiful and novel, attracting attention, while giving people a good impression and desired taste.

5. Comply with the advertising design requirements of the merchant.

6. Always use original imported compressors (also known as engines or motors).

7. Once there is a problem with refrigeration, it is necessary to repair it in the shortest possible time to avoid significant losses caused by insufficient temperature of items such as cakes, vegetables, beverages, spleen wine, etc. placed inside.

Installation and Operation

1. Do not immediately power on the cake cabinet after transportation and unloading. During the transportation process of the compressor, the refrigerant will circulate in the pipeline, which is unstable. Generally, it should be powered on for use after 3 to 6 hours of transportation, unloading, and placement to ensure the stable operation of the cake cabinet and increase its service life.

2. When placing the cake cabinet, it is important to pay attention to good surrounding ventilation. The cooling efficiency of the condenser in the cake display cabinet decreases. If the ventilation conditions are good, it can accelerate the heat dissipation and maximize the cooling effect of the cake display cabinet. When using, do not frequently switch on and off the cake cabinet. Frequent startup can affect the service life of the cake cabinet compressor. After a general shutdown, wait for more than 5 minutes before restarting.

3. When using the cake cabinet in daily life, try to reduce the number of times it opens and closes the door, shorten the time it takes to open and close the door, and prevent the loss of air conditioning. Otherwise, additional power is required to compensate.

4. If the cake cabinet is not in use for a long time, the power should be unplugged and the inside and outside of the cabinet should be cleaned. Generally, the cabinet should be kept dry before closing the cabinet door. For the cake cabinet used, it is necessary to regularly clean the radiator. It can be cleaned once every three months.