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Introduction to use and performance

The gas series rice steaming cabinets produced by our company are widely used in hotels, restaurants, kitchens, factories, mines, troops, institutions, schools and canteens of enterprises and institutions. It has multiple uses such as steaming rice and flour products, fish, meat and other food, tableware, tea set disinfection, etc.

This series of products is the crystallization of long-term careful research by our technical staff. It compares the advantages and disadvantages of similar products at home and abroad, learns from each other, innovates and optimizes the design ideas, and combines the cooking habits with Chinese characteristics to repeatedly experiment, scientifically verify, and boldly. Abandoning the dross, innovative and realistic spirit, creatively combining a number of high-quality and practical equipment with this series of products, and specially selected imported stainless steel materials supplemented by advanced manufacturing technology, so that the gas series rice steamer produced by our company Not only is it unique in style, beautiful in shape, novel in structure, environmentally friendly and hygienic, it also has incomparable characteristics of traditional rice steaming cabinets.

Gas series product features

1. It has a simple and beautiful appearance, two designs of all stainless steel shell and one-time stretched stainless steel liner, heat-resistant hard and environmentally friendly polyurethane foam, high-temperature resistant silicone sealing strip, so that the box has good heat insulation performance and strong sealing performance , long heat preservation time, durable and economical

2. The movable burner is easy to clean and maintain. Built-in combustion steam generator, no noise, no black smoke, high thermal efficiency, energy saving, time saving, environmental protection and sanitation.

3. It can meet the interchangeability of different gas sources of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. There are devices such as floating ball type automatic water inlet and water shut-off and drain valves in the box.

Installation and Operation

1. First put the rice steamer in the designated position, level the seat, and then connect it according to the energy you use

2. When using gas as the energy source, please confirm that the gas source is liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas, and at the same time, confirm that the gas source valve is a low-pressure valve (use the original standard low-pressure valve), and prohibit the use of medium-pressure valves for gas supply. First connect the water pipe and then use the liquefied gas hose to connect to the gas pipe interface of the steamer to prepare for gas supply and ignition, and connect the water inlet pipe (float valve). Check that the water level should be about 5cm above the burner.

3. Open the cabinet door, put the rice or pasta plate into the cabinet, close and lock the cabinet door.

4. When using gas to heat and steam food, open the electronic ignition valve, turn the knob clockwise, you should hear the sound of ignition, and you can burn from the fire viewing hole to the burner in the cabinet (burning for about ten seconds clock can loosen the knob), if the fire cannot be seen from the fire viewing hole, it means that the gas has not been delivered or the ignition is unsuccessful, and the above ignition process can be repeated again

5. After about ten minutes, the steam generator will supply steam and cook for 25-50 minutes. Turn off the ignition switch and cut off the air supply.

6. After stopping the heating, wait for about 15 minutes before opening the door of the rice steaming cabinet to take out the steamed rice or pasta. Drain it clean, ensure that the water source in the evaporator is clean, and ensure that it will not be damaged by freezing and cracking due to accumulated water in winter.