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A new generation of intelligent vegetable washing machine injects new vitality into the kitchen production line!

Time : 2024-05-13 Hits : 4

In the busy kitchens, the processing speed of ingredients directly affects the quality and service efficiency of dishes. In order to solve the bottleneck of food processing in the kitchen, we proudly launched a new generation of intelligent vegetable washing machines!

This intelligent vegetable washing machine has a number of innovative technologies to take the processing of ingredients to a new level. First of all, it adopts advanced induction technology, which can intelligently identify different kinds of ingredients and wash them accurately according to needs. It not only retains the nutrition of the ingredients, but also completely removes pesticide residues and impurities to protect the food safety of the kitchen.

In addition, the intelligent vegetable washing machine also has high-efficiency processing capacity, which can complete the cleaning task of a large number of ingredients in a short time, greatly improving the production efficiency of the kitchen. Whether in the face of busy meal peaks or daily food processing, our smart vegetable washing machine can inject new vitality into your kitchen production line!