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Subverting the new standard for dishwasher in commercial kitchens: ultrasonic dishwasher debut.

Time : 2024-05-13 Hits : 5

In the field of commercial kitchens, hygiene and efficiency have always been the eternal pursuit. In order to meet the needs of hotels, restaurants and large food service agencies for dishwasher efficiency and hygiene standards, we excitedly launched a new ultrasonic dishwasher!

The introduction of ultrasonic technology has completely changed the washing method of traditional dishwashers. Using high-frequency ultrasonic vibration, the dirt is completely crushed from the surface of the tableware, and even the most stubborn oil stains can be easily removed, giving the tableware a new look. At the same time, the high-efficiency design of the ultrasonic dishwasher greatly shortens the dishwashercycle and improves the work efficiency of the kitchen.

In addition, our ultrasonic dishwasher also pays attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, adopts advanced energy-saving technology, reduces energy consumption, and contributes to environmental protection. Whether it is the pursuit of high efficiency, hygiene standards, or environmental protection and energy conservation, our ultrasonic dishwasher can meet your needs and become an indispensable tool for your commercial kitchen!